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Our History

At GDM our vision is to ensure customers are enabled to choose to receive the energy they need in an affordable, reliable and sustainable way.  We do this by supplying lower tariffs to domestic customers giving access to cheaper gas and electricity.

At the moment GDM are expanding, we have customer contact centers in Portsmouth and Dartford as well as offices in Hounslow, South Wales and Bradford.  We are pleased to say have also just opened our newest offices in Newcastle, Warrington, and Wolverhampton.   

We offer lower tariffs guaranteed for customers switching their Gas or Electricity payments for Prepayment Meters and now supply these tariffs for Smart Meters as well. At GDM we have an app called “Open door” built by our in house development team.  Open door supplies our sales men and women with the location of potential customers who have prepayment meters, allowing us to identify and speak to the consumers who would best benefit from lower prices and offer them the advantages of the low tariffs that we can supply. Using our mobile app, Open door for tablet and PC, lets us get the right information to the people who need it, making us efficient and allowing GDM to succeed.

Here at GDM we strive for outstanding customer service and to make our customers aware of the many ways that switching energy suppliers to our partner Economy Energy will benefit them.

We aim to offer our customers comprehensive information surrounding the sales process and to do this we have made this process very customer friendly, so all our customers understand each step of the transition from costly energy providers to the modern, efficient tariffs of Economy Energy.


GDM's Company Mission

At GDM our mission is to supply excellent customer service, and overall outstanding performance to each and every one of our customers. Here at GDM we seek to deliver professionalism and quality from everyone from our Managers, to our Salesmen, to our call verification team. We aim to keep striving to improve and expand our 1st class delivery of service. We care about doing what’s right for our customers, for each other and for our business.

Meet The GDM Team

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Tobias Jung

Sales & Marketing

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Richard Turner

Head of development

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Ashley Allen

Head of Finance

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Andy Denning

Sales & Marketing

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